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Archive for April 2017

In Honor of Beltane

April 29, 2017 @ 6:25 pm




Make an offering of a floral crown, or a libation of honey and milk, to the Queen of the May during your Beltane prayers.


The leaves are budding across the land
on the ash and oak and hawthorn trees.
Magic rises around us in the forest
and the hedges are filled with laughter and love.
Dear lady, we offer you a gift,
a gathering of flowers picked by our hands,
woven into the circle of endless life.
The bright colors of nature herself
blend together to honor you,
Queen of spring,
as we give you honor this day.
Spring is here and the land is fertile,
ready to offer up gifts in your name.
we pay you tribute, our lady,
daughter of the Fae,
and ask your blessing this Beltane.


Patti Wigington, Author
Published on ThoughtCo

Honor the Sacred Feminine with a Goddess Ritual

When Margaret Murray wrote her ground-breaking God of the Witches, in 1931, scholars quickly dismissed her theory of a universal, pre-Christian cult of witches who worshiped a singular mother goddess. However, Murray wasn't completely off-base; a number of individual cults existed in pre-Christian Europe which honored mother goddesses of their own. In Rome, the cult of Cybele was huge, and the mystery traditions of Isis in Egypt soon took on a mother-goddess status.


Take advantage of the blooming of spring, and use this time to celebrate the archetype of the mother goddess, and honor your own female ancestors and friends.


This simple ritual can be performed by both men and women, and is designed to honor the feminine aspects of the universe as well as our female ancestors. If you have a particular deity you call upon, feel free to change names or attributes around where needed. Otherwise, you can use the all-encompassing name of "Goddess" in the rite.


Decorate your altar with symbols of femininity: cups, chalices, flowers, lunar objects, fish, and doves or swans. You'll also need the following items for this ritual:


A white candle
An offering of something that is important to you
A bowl of water
A handful of small pebbles or stones
If your tradition calls for you to cast a circle, do so now. Begin by standing in the goddess position, and saying:


I am (your name), and I stand before you,
goddesses of the sky and earth and sea,
I honor you, for your blood runs through my veins,
one woman, standing on the edge of the universe.
Tonight, I make an offering in Your names,
As my thanks for all you have given me.


Light the candle, and place your offering before it on the altar. The offering may be something tangible, such as bread or wine or flowers. It can also be something symbolic, such as a gift of your time or dedication. Whatever it is, it should be something from your heart. You may want to read up on Offerings to the Gods for some ideas.


Once you have made your offering, it is time to call upon the goddesses by name. Say:


I am (your name), and I stand before you,
Isis, Ishtar, Tiamat, Inanna, Shakti, Cybele.
Mothers of the ancient people,
guardians of those who walked the earth thousands of years ago,
I offer you this as a way of showing my gratitude.
Your strength has flowed within me,
your wisdom has given me knowledge,
your inspiration has given birth to harmony in my soul.


Now it is time to honor the women who have touched your life. For each one, place a pebble into the bowl of water. As you do so, say her name and how she has impacted you. You might say something like this:


I am (your name), and I stand before you,
to honor the sacred feminine that has touched my heart.
I honor Susan, who gave birth to me and raised me to be strong;
I honor Maggie, my grandmother, whose strength took her to the hospitals of war-torn France;
I honor Cathleen, my aunt, who lost her courageous battle with cancer;
I honor Jennifer, my sister, who has raised three children alone…


Continue until you have placed a pebble in the water for each of these women. Reserve one pebble for yourself. Finish by saying:


I am (your name), and I honor myself,
for my strength, my creativity, my knowledge, my inspiration,
and for all the other remarkable things that make me a woman.

Take a few minutes and reflect on the sacred feminine. What is it about being a woman that gives you joy? If you're a man performing this ritual, what is it about the women in your life that makes you love them? Meditate on the feminine energy of the universe for a while, and when you are ready, end the ritual.




This ritual can be adapted for a group easily; with a little planning it can become a beautiful ceremony for a number of people. Consider doing it as part of a womens' circle, in which each member honors the others as part of the rite.


Patti Wigington, Author
Published on ThoughtCo



Magickal Goody for Today - Make Your Own Beltane Incense


At Beltane, spring is beginning to get seriously underway. Gardens are being planted, sprouts are beginning to appear, and the earth is returning to life once again. This time of year is associated with fertility, thanks to the greening of the land, and with fire. A few fire-associated herbs can be blended together to make the perfect Beltane incense. Use it during rituals and ceremonies, or burn it for workings related to fertility and growth.


Fresh herbs will likely be too young to harvest right now, which is why it's a good idea to keep a supply on hand from the previous year. However, if you do have a fresh plant you wish to dry out, you can do this by placing it on a tray in your oven at low heat for an hour or two. If you have a home dehydrator, these work just as well.


This recipe is for loose incense, but you can adapt it for stick or cone recipes. If you haven't read up on Incense 101, you should do that before beginning. As you mix and blend your incense, focus on the goal of your work.


You’ll need:

2 parts Mugwort
1 part dried daffodil petals
1 part Basil
1 part Hawthorn berries
1 part Patchouli
1 part Cinnamon
1/2 part Dragon's Blood resin

Add your ingredients to your mixing bowl one at a time. Measure carefully, and if the leaves or blossoms need to be crushed, use your mortar and pestle to do so. As you blend the herbs together, state your intent. You may find it helpful to charge your incense with an incantation, such as:


Fire blend and fire light,
I celebrate Beltane this warm spring night.
This is the time of most fertile earth,
the greening of the land, and new rebirth.
Fire and passion and labor's toil,
life grows anew out of the soil.
By Beltane's flames, bring fertility to me,
As I will, so it shall be.


Store your incense in a tightly sealed jar. Make sure you label it with its intent and name, as well as the date you created it. Use within three months, so that it remains charged and fresh.


Patti Wigington, Author
Published on ThoughtCo

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Shuffling the Cards for April 29th, We Reveal Your Love Tarot, Your Daily Tarot, Your Egyptian Tarot & That’s Just The Start

April 29, 2017 @ 5:56 pm


We are always trying to find new forms of divination to bring to each day.


In this episode, you will find:


Your Daily Tarot Card

Your Daily Love Tarot Card

Your Egyptian Tarot Card

Your Daily Witches Rune

Your Numerology for the Day

The Wisdom of the Buddha

A Little Thought From Me To You


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What Does The Fates Have In Store for This Week & Tomorrow, Your Daily Horoscopes & Get a Jump On Tomorrow

April 29, 2017 @ 4:56 pm

What does the day have in store for you today, well then how about tomorrow?


This episode includes

Your Daily Horoscopes

If You Were Born Today (With a Look A Head at the Year to Come)

Get a Jump on Tomorrow, Your Horoscopes



Up Next....

Your Daily Tarot 

Plus we are introducing several new Tarot readings, for example, Your Love Taort

Animal Spirit of the Day

Wisdom of the Buddha

Just to mention a few


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Welcome To All This Beautiful Saturday Morn’! You Are Just In Time for Our Daily Astronomy

April 29, 2017 @ 3:33 pm


Wishing One & All A Very Beautiful & Blessed Saturday Morning! We hope you are having a fantastic day so far, you are just in time for our Daily Astronomy for April 29th!


Beltane, Beltane, Flowers Bloom
Chase away the Winter’s Gloom
Weave Bright Fabric on the Loom
Stir the Cauldron ~ Banish Doom


Sacred Hawthorn used this Night
Feed the Fires ~ Start the Rite
Open up the Veil so Thin
Reap the Wisdom from Within


God is Sun and Goddess Earth
Burst forth Spring and all Rebirth
Wash one’s Face with Dawn’s First Dew
Circle ‘round the Mighty Yew


Emerald, Garnet, Copper, Gold
Handfast Lovers we Enfold
Round the Maypole we do Turn
Laughing, Playing, no Concerns


Join this Time of Dark and Light
Welcome Love and all that’s Bright
Hair Entwined in Flowery Sheen
Beauty’s Apron full of Green


Go and Seek an Animal’s Lair
Hunt and Kill the Moonstruck Hare
Fireweed, Nettle, Mushroom, Rose
Sanctify and Clear all Woes


Beltane, Beltane comes in May
Plant the Seeds that make the Hay
Regenerate and Dance this Day
Let Life and Fertility always Stay


by Kachina (Pam A.)
Published on Victory of Light


Beltane April 30th - May 1st

Beltane honours Life. It represents the peak of Spring and the beginning of Summer. Earth energies are at their strongest and most active. All of life is bursting with potent fertility and at this point in the Wheel of the Year, the potential becomes conception. On May Eve the sexuality of life and the earth is at its peak. Abundant fertility, on all levels, is the central theme. The Maiden goddess has reached her fullness. She is the manifestation of growth and renewal, Flora, the Goddess of Spring, the May Queen, the May Bride. The Young Oak King, as Jack-In-The-Green, as the Green Man, falls in love with her and wins her hand. The union is consummated and the May Queen becomes pregnant. Together the May Queen and the May King are symbols of the Sacred Marriage (or Heiros Gamos), the union of Earth and Sky, and this union has merrily been re-enacted by humans throughout the centuries. For this is the night of the Greenwood Marriage. It is about sexuality and sensuality, passion, vitality and joy. And about conception. A brilliant moment in the Wheel of the Year to bring ideas, hopes and dreams into action. And have some fun.....


Also included in this episode

Your Astronomy for Saturday, April 29th

In Your Sky Tonight

The Witches Current Moon Phase

About the Waxing Crescent Moon Phase


Up Next....

Your Horoscopes


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GAIA - Celestial Creation

April 27, 2017 @ 7:55 pm


GAIA - Celestial Creation


WHAT COULD HAVE EXISTED before the earth? It is difficult to imagine—our minds and senses are irrevocably entwined with our experiences of life upon this planet. The beauty of our green and blue world, with its many forms of life, has a magnificence that warrants our respectful protection.....




From the Book

The Book of Goddesses: Expanded Anniversary Edition 

Kris Waldherr


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The Witches Spell of the Day for April 27 - Binding Off Harm Spell

April 27, 2017 @ 7:09 pm


The Witches Spell for Thursday, April 27th - Binding off Harm


You'll need:

A photo of the person you wish to bind
Black pen
Black glove
3 tsp black pepper
Small round mirror
Dark cloth
Black candle (optional)


You can burn a black candle while you do this spell if you wish.


If a person wishes to harm you, take their picture and write their name nine times on the back in black. Take a black glove and place 3 tsp of black pepper in the glove. Take a small round mirror and place this picture facing the mirror, and place the glove stretched out as a hand on the back of this picture. Take some twine and wrap it all together while saying:


"Everything you say to me, everything you do,
bounces off of me three times, and sticks itself on you."


Then wrap it into a dark or black cloth and hide it somewhere near the entry door which is most used in your house. Results should start to be evident in about three days.


Best done on a Wednesday night.



Everything Under the Moon


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Your Daily Tarot, Runes, Ancient Symbol Card & We Have A Few New Ones Just for You

April 27, 2017 @ 6:49 pm


Welcome to one of our favorite episodes, we love drawing the Tarot cards and doing Rune readers for ourselves. So why not do them on a daily basis for our family & friends? We couldn't see why not. It never hurts to be prepared, does it?


In this episode....

Tarot Card of the Day

Daily Love Tarot

Your Daily Influence for Today

Daily Witches Rune

Your Ancient Symbol card for Today

Your Animal Spirit Guide for Today

Your Daily Numerology for Today

Your Charm for Today

The Wisdom of the Buddha

and last but not least, A Little Thought from Me to You!



Up Next....

The Witches Spell of the Day


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What Does The Stars Have in Store for You, Your Horoscopes for April 27 & Get A Jump on Tomorrow

April 27, 2017 @ 6:05 pm


Horoscopes, Horoscopes & More Horoscopes! What can you really say about them, except.take a look to see what the Fates have in store for you.


This episode includes....

Your Daily Horoscopes for Today

If Your Birthday Is Today & Your Year's Forecast

Get a Jump On Tomorrow, Your Horoscopes for April 28th



Up Next.....

Your Daily Tarot Card

Your Daily Runes

Your Daily Charm

Your Daily Animal Spirit Guide

And a few new surprise!


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Good Thursday Morning To All! Welcome to Your Daily Astronomy for Thursday, April 27th

April 27, 2017 @ 4:28 pm


Good Thursday Morning to Everyone! We hope you are having a very beautiful Thursday. Rather chilly here, believe it has turned off Winter again. We start our broadcast with a little background on our next Sabbat, which is Beltane and it occurs on May 1st. In cast you are new to Witchcraft or just learning about us, Beltane is one of our Festivals that we celebrate throughout the year. Even though it doesn't occur to May 1st, we like to start supplying our members with information they might need for that particular Sabbat. 


Now let's get that history and get this show on the road.....


A Brief Look at Beltane, May 1st


Beltane is the last of the three spring fertility festivals. It is the time when the sun is fully released from the bondage of winter and able to rule over summer and life once again. As summer begins, weather becomes warmer, and the plant world blossoms, an exuberant mood prevails. May is the month of sensuality and sexuality revitalized, the reawakening of the earth and Her Children. It is the time when we reawaken to the vivid colors, vibrant scents, tingling summer breezes, and the rapture of summer after a long dormant winter. It is a time of extraordinary expression of earth, animal, and person; a time of great enchantment and celebration.


Beltane's Promise


Gathered by the lapping water's shore
In the moonlight, a fire flickers high
God and goddess welcome you this eve
To find your lover and dance as one


Songs of Earth and Water beckon a rising crescendo
The tunes will bring fruition to dreams and greening fields
Tremble with the power rising
A two backed beast moves thru the night


The furrow is plowed, the seed is planted
The Earth sighs in contentment for love of a God
The eastern sky lightens with a promise...
Another Beltaine, another season of love.


Tracy Martzall, Author
Originally published on Everything Akasha


Also included in this episode...


Astronomy of the Day

In Your Sky Tonight

The Witches Current Moon Phase

About The Waxing Crescent Moon

Venus in Aries on April 28th


Up Next....

Your Horoscopes


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The Witches Spell of the Day for April 25 - A Tarot Spell to Increase Psychic Vision

April 25, 2017 @ 6:52 pm


The Witches Spell for April 25th - A Tarot Spell to Increase Psychic Visions


You need 3 tarot cards. The Star, The High Priestess, and The Hermit.


"I call upon the Source of All things to send me power.
I call upon the God to send strength to my spell.
I call upon the Goddess to give life to my spell.
I call upon the elemental forces to draw the desire of my spell.
I call upon the astral forces to receive the image of my spell.
So mote it be!"


(Holding the tarot cards in your hands)

"I bring forth these symbols for my spell to be cast. Here shall be woven, chance, fortune, and fate, so that my wish be quickly attained!"


(Lay out the cards in the following order. Meditate and visualize)


                   Card 2

Card 1                               Card 3


card 1 is The Star for inspiration, guidance, and creativity.
card 2 is The High Priestess for focusing of the mind and intuition.
card 3 is The Hermit for interpreting the knowledge you receive.


(Place a candle just above The High Priestess card)


"I am open and receptive to higher levels of consciousness. Spirits of guidance are here for me and I channel the knowledge they offer. I am open and receptive. My psychic centers are quickened. I open my eyes and ears to all impressions that are coming to me. I spread the veil of being that I may look beyond. I open the windows of 'where' and 'when' and I see beyond."


(Hold your hands over the cards)


"Into these cards I direct the power from within me and the power called upon from the spiritual forces around me. Mark well what I have done here! Bring to me my wish! I place this petition before the God and Goddess. May it be done for the greater good of all! By the power of the God and Goddess and by the forces of the planes...I declare my spell to manifest!"


"I release now the forces of the astral plane. I release all of the elemental forces. I release the God and Goddess. I release the power of the Source of All. Farewell and I bid you thanks!"




Everything Under the Moon


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