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The WOTC Special Presentation on Elemental Witches - The Fire Witch(Part 3)



This concludes our special presentation on the Elemental Witches in particular the Fire Witch. Oh, don't worry, we haven't forgotten the Air Witch, she will conclude our series next week. But back to this week, Fire magick is dramatic, entrancing and magnificent. Fire Witches have a distinct preference for the more challenging magickal tasks and full-fledged ritual. However, as you journey along your magickal path you will find there are more simplier and practical ways of doing fire magick, for instance:

Candle Magick and Divining their Flames

Vinegars (yes, you heard me right). This includes the recipes for Four Thieves Vinegars and a Healing Vinegar.

Magickal Bonfires

Metal Magick


Magickal Lamps

Correspondences for Fire

Fire Gods & Goddesses

Fire Herbs & Crystals


As you can see this is an episode loaded with information......



Exercepts from

The Elemental Witch

Author Tammy Sullivan

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