The WOTC aka Witches Of The Craft is an old established Witchcraft site, an organization on the net at well as off the internet. Our mission is to dispel all the old myths and stereotypes about Witches and Witchcraft. To spread the truth and beauty about our religion, Witchcraft to every corner of the planet. You know the old horror stories about Witches, now we welcome you to find out the truth.

Our Broadcasting Schedule

Every Day - We offer a Spell-Of-The-Day

Wednesdays - Discussion on Witchcraft topics such as our History, How to Become A Witch, Spells, Rituals, Curses, Hexes, Potions, Notions & Lots More

Saturday - Weekend Divination including Horoscopes, Daily Tarot Card, Daily Rune and other forms of divination you won't find any place else.

Sunday - Also includes Weekend Divination such as on Saturday

Full Moons - Online rituals will be offered for all Full Moons

Sabbats - Rituals & Information concerning our High Holy Days will be offered at least two to three days before the Sabbat for your celebrations.

Current Moon Phase

Moon Phases for June

First Quarter
June 1, 2017
Full Moon
June 9, 2017
Last quarter
June 17, 2017
New moon
June 23, 2017
First Quarter
June 30, 2017

June's Moon Names

Rose Moon
Windy Moon
Lotus Moon
Green Corn Moon
Moon When June Berries Are Ripe
Moon of Horses
Planting Moon
Dyan Moon

Our Next Sabbat

Our Sabbats

Northern Hemisphere Dates

Imbolc - Feb. 2
Ostara - Mar. 21/22
Beltane - Apr. 30/May 1
Litha - June 21/22
Lammas - Jul. 31/Aug. 1
Mabon - Sept. 21/22
Samhain - Oct. 31
Yule - Dec. 21/22

Southern Hemisphere Dates

Imbolc – August 1st
Ostara – September 21st/22nd
Beltane – Oct 31st/Nov 1st
Lithia – Dec 21st/22nd
Lammas – Feb 1st/2nd
Mabon – March 21st
Samhain – April 30th/May 1st
Yule – June 21st







Reincarnation Archive

A Frank Discussion About The Witches Beliefs In Reincarnation

May 6, 2017 @ 6:57 pm



Is this life after death? Exploring the Witches' belief in reincarnation, the purpose of reincarnation and what happens while we are waiting to reincarnate? Let us dive into this subject and see if we can find some answers to these questions......




By Lady of the Abyss 

With Excerpts from

Wicccapedia, A Modern Day White Witch's Guide
Authors: Shawn Robbins & Leanna Greenaway


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Let’s Talk Witch - Reincarnation and Everything Else In The Book

April 23, 2017 @ 6:56 pm


Let's Talk Witch - Reincarnation


This episode has a mixture of everything in it. Let's see from Lady Abyss' questions about her own personal experiences with spirits and reincarnation to Deborah Blake's article from her book, "Everyday Witch A to Z: An Amusing, Inspiring & Informative Guide to the Wonderful World of Witchcraft to past life regressions.


It is one of those episodes you just have to listen to, to fully understand, lol!



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